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To equip doctors with the skills to effectively contribute to healthcare organizations and manage their careers

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Who Am I

I am a physician manager in a large healthcare organization. In addition to my role as an administrator, I am still a practicing internist.

As I have trolled the internet, I have found many articles and conversations discussing the role of healthcare administrators. As I’ve read them, I think the only apt description would be one of my grandmother’s favorite phrases:

“It ain’t been pretty!”

Almost none of these conversations have had an administrator involved. I aim to bridge this gap.

Despite the misconception that all supervisors are robots, I do have a life outside of medicine. I have a wonderful wife and two kids and live in an eternally sunny locale. We are actually a double MD household as my wife is a small town pediatrician.

I coach whatever sport my kids happen to be playing, with varying degrees of success. I am involved with my local church. Saltwater fishing and golf are my personal getaways when I’m not with my family. My current plan is to join the Senior PGA tour after my medical career, if I can ever break 90.

What’s In It For You

So why should you care about this site? Well, if you are a physician who works in any type of healthcare organization, then this site can help you. All of you want to know what goes on inside your boss’ mind. I aim to tell you. Together, we will peel back the layers of metrics and customer service surveys to show what it really all means and why it should matter to you.

More than explaining metrics, I want doctors to know how to interact with their own bosses or any other type of healthcare management person they may come in contact with.

How do you approach management and get something you need? How do you speak the administrative language so you can have a seat at the table when big decisions are made? How do you personally position your career and finances to best succeed as an employed physician?

Hopefully, reading the blog will help you answer these types of questions, and if you can answer these questions, then your life as a physician will be significantly better. I bet those of you reading that aren’t in medicine might even find some benefit in your professional lives as well.

In true administrative style, I am going to delegate some of my duties to others. There are a myriad of other folks that have already covered some topics I may want to discuss. I will steer you towards them whenever possible. No large task can be done alone, and I hate duplicated workload.

What’s In It For Me

Pure satisfaction of course! No, seriously. If I can help doctors better navigate the ever changing healthcare world, then I will be a happy camper.

I have seen many doctors make countless mistakes when interviewing for a job or talking with management. These mistakes are often avoidable.

Avoiding these mistakes can lead to better communication, healthier organizations, and ultimately better patient care. I’ve seen it happen, and if I can give other people resources to do that, then I’ll have done my part.

There also is the pesky reality of my student loans. It may be hard to believe but primary care physicians that are managers still get paid like primary care physicians!

If you see ads or links on this site, then I am likely getting some type of payment from these. Rest assured that I will not throw up any ole’ ad just to make a buck. As of right now, there are no ads, but I want you to be prepared if they do show up.

One of my personal goals for this site is to manage any monetary gain from it responsibly. The first bit will be to pay off mine and my wife’s student loans.

After that happens, I will shriek for joy be donating a percentage of all earnings to some charities that are near and dear to my heart. My wife and I are very involved in our local community, and there are many ways we hope to make a difference.

Oh and don’t worry. We’re going to have some fun along the way. You may think that bosses are no fun, but you haven’t worked with me!