Extended Hours 8/5/17

Welcome to this week’s edition of Extended Hours! While the term “Extended Hours” may be an undesirable phrase in the lives of physicians, this series on the TheBossMD should prove to be a much better experience!

Extended Hours is the weekly roundup post published every Saturday here on TheBossMD. As with all of my content, the purpose of this series is to help physicians manage their positions, whether it be personalfinancial, or professional.

These posts are light on my thoughts and heavy on the best content I can find during my travels through social media and the internet. We might even have some fun along the way!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s Extended Hours!

Personal Position

I am putting this article first for a reason. Rick over at NoahsDad has an excellent blog where he details the life of his son, Noah, who has Down Syndrome. If you click on no other link in this post, please read How A Chic-Fil-A Employee Changed My Idea of “Meaningful” Work. Thank you Rick, Abbie, and Noah for  your perspective.

TheBossMD family really enjoys taking trips and vacations. For those still in the medical school/residency phase of life, Mike and Nicole over at TwoGreenDocs tells you how to stretch your travel budget as far as it can go in Traveling on a Student/Resident’s Budget. Got my sights set on Disney World later this year!

My son has been learning to swim recently, so I have been that dad cheering wildly from the side of the pool. Despite my crazy dad status, I really enjoyed the Learning to Swim article over at Mommy’s New Groove. Doctors tend to have the same anxieties about their kids as everyone else. We just have medical knowledge to up the paranoia level a little bit more.

Financial Position

The state of your marriage has nothing to do with money, right? Wrong! If you’re like me, then your money and your marriage go hand in hand. Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents has a fantastic article about how to handle a spouse with limited financial insight in What To Do When Your Partner is Horrible With Money. Fortunately, this does apply to me. Love you honey!

I really enjoy real estate as an asset class and as a fun business venture. Brandon Turner over at BiggerPockets is one of the best in the business, and he recently wrote an article entitled The Top 100 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate. Head over and check it out. He’s also active on Twitter and puts out a great podcast each week. Hit him and tell him I sent you!

Speaking of real estate, Amy over at LifeZemplified is doing some real estate investing of her own. She admits that it may not be the soundest financial move in the world in her article Accidental Landlording:How Not To Buy A Rental Property. We’ll see how it turns out!


Professional Position

Michael Kirsch over at MD Whistleblower writes about adjust patient expectations for after hours care on KevinMD in When it comes to after-hours care, expectations need to be adjusted. Interesting perspective for all of us that have ever answered a phone or seen a patient on nights and weekends.

I can’t tell you how many botched patient encounters I see that are completely about communication. Suneel over at DocThinx write about 5 Communication Mistakes Doctors Should Avoid. Go check it out if you want to improve your communications with your patients or staff.

I always recommend learning as much as possible about your colleagues, especially nursing staff. It’s amazing how much better teams function when everyone understands each other’s roles. Charlie over at LifeOfAMedStudent talks about transitioning from nursing to medical school and the different challenges associated with each in From Nurse to Medical Student-Lessons Learned From Changing Careers. Great read!

Just For Fun

There’s a lot of stuff that goes on in medicine that is frankly hilarious. How many times a day do you do stuff just to get your patients care, but when you really think about it, is just flat out crazy? Brad Nieder over at Healthy Humorist talks about the insanity of health insurance physicals in this clip. Watch and chuckle.

In other news, the first day of school is coming here at TheBossMD household. We are proudly moving up from 3K to 4K. This year is much different from the last. This year, my son is talking nonstop about seeing his friends and meeting his teacher. Last year looked a little more like this:

Here’s hoping there are no news cameras outside my son’s school this year!

I’m a big fan of war movies, especially World War II movies. I have had the privilege of caring for my share of World War II veterans, and I still have a few that I see. I tend to recycle what I watch and one of my favorite mini-series is The Pacific.

You can guarantee that anything involving Steven Spielberg is going to be a winner, and this mini-series is no exception. I’ve had several of my patients that fought in some of the depicted battles say it does as good of a job as you can do showing what it was like. Give it a look, and when you’re done, thank a veteran.

Last but not least, we are right on the cusp of football season. I prefer high school and college football myself. There is nothing like a Friday night under the lights watching your high school’s team play followed by a Saturday full of college action.

This football season is different for me, however, as my alma mater enters the season as the reigning national champions. That’s right, my Clemson Tigers are still the champs, and I’m not giving up the title until someone else wins it. For all my Alabama fans or anyone else that wants to talk some trash, leave a comment and we’ll talk some ball.

For any of you that don’t know, Clemson has one of the best entrances in the country dubbed “The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football” by Brent Musburger. I think it only appropriate that I leave you with this great behind the scenes look at my beloved team’s entrance. Go Tigers!

Well that’s it for this week’s edition of Extended Hours. I hope you enjoyed this week’s selections. Tune in next Saturday for another edition!

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  • Love this roundup (and not just because I’m in it) I laughed at the videos and cried reading the end of Rick’s excellent post and learned a thing or two from others. Thanks for the inclusion BossMD!

    • thebossmd

      Amy, thanks so much for the kind words, and I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. I had to put Rick’s post first. One of the best I have read in awhile and full of perspective that I personally needed. Come back and visit again!

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