Extended Hours 8/26/17

Welcome to this week’s edition of Extended Hours! While the term “Extended Hours” may be an undesirable phrase in the lives of physicians, this series on the TheBossMD should prove to be a much better experience!

Extended Hours is the weekly roundup post published every Saturday here on TheBossMD. As with all of my content, the purpose of this series is to help physicians manage their positions, whether it be personalfinancial, or professional.

These posts are light on my thoughts and heavy on the best content I can find during my travels through social media and the internet. We might even have some fun along the way!

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Personal Position

Physician on Fire up and bought himself a lake front estate in Our Latest Real Estate Investment: 7 Acres of Lakefront. This may sound like a financial piece to you, but I think even he would agree this purchase was more personal than anything. He has some great plans to spruce up the place and build a new home for his family. Good luck PoF as you work on your new digs. Move it about 600 miles south, and I would have considered outbidding you!

The BossMD family is big on Disney World, so I’d like to present another Disney piece this week, Four Secrets of Fastpass+ At Walt Disney World, from The Disney Blog. The Fastpass is the single greatest invention in amusement park history, and this piece gives some great tips for managing that sweet ability to skip to the front of the line. I’ve previously read that up to ninety percent of Disney visitors don’t use the Fastpass system. Insanity! Check this article out and skip to the front of the line while the other suckers wait.

Mr. 1500 and I are kindred spirits when it comes to love of food. It looks like we’re both trying to lose weight as well (see the Just For Fun section below), and he describes his current progress in Ask the Readers:Machiavellian Motivation? If the pictures are any indication, I would love to go on vacation with him. Head over to check them out and support him in his weight loss bet with Mr. Wow from Waffles on Wednesdays.

Financial Position

If you’re brave enough to have kids in residency, then Wall Street Physician has an article to help you get a tax break for those deductions munchkins. The Child Tax Credit for Medical Residents describes the criteria you need to meet for the credit and just how much you can save. For many doctors, residency is the only time you will qualify for this, so listen up and cash in!

Some of you can’t be trusted with your own paychecks, and that’s OK, WealthyDoc has a plan for you. In Direct Deposit-A Key To Your Wealth, he describes how you should use your direct deposited paycheck to automatically fund your financial priorities. Determine where your money should go and set up a system so it goes there. No chance it magically disappears. Right, Building Income?

White Coat Investor revisits an oldie but a goodie in his hosted guest post by Jon Sycamore entitled Layering Term Insurance Can Save You Thousands. Jon talks about the benefits of term life insurance and how layering multiple policies can save you thousands in premiums while still providing the protection you need at each phase of life. Thanks Jon!

Want to track your money for free? I use Personal Capital. Check it out!

Professional Position

Passive Income M.D. has a solid post about time management up this week, How Do You Find the Time? I know a lot of busy people that have trouble finding time to do things. Passive Income M.D.‘s answer is simple, he just does it. No excuses. It really is that simple when you think about it. If something is important to you, then you’ll make time for it.

My love for the Clemson Tigers is well documented, so I’m always conflicted over the growing connection between football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Dr. Patricia Salber over at The Doctor Weighs In did a nice recap of some recent evidence in 202 Footballers Donated Their Brains To Science-Here’s What We Learned. Have to say the evidence is mounting that we need more safety in multiple sports, including football. I just want my Tigers to keep running down the Hill!

I am still waiting for the first time I have to respond to a serious medical issue in an airplane, but I have always doubted there would be much I could do when the situation arose. In MacGyver the friendly skies: Whats in a commercial airline medical kit, Sightsee MD gives details about what tools you have to work with when the time comes and what kind of issues tend to happen. I have to say the supply list isn’t too bad, all things considered, though I have no idea what lidocaine is included. Does some need some numbing meds for their IM Benadryl?

Just For Fun

Those that know me know that I am not a big New Year’s resolution guy. If you’re going to put your mind to something, then do it. No need to wait for January 1st, in my opinion. In that spirit, Mrs. BossMD and I recently decided to crank up the diet and exercise and get in shape.

Over the past year, I had gained about twenty pounds from a mixture of pure laziness and sloppy eating habits. When I started to snore at night, my wife gave me the ole’ elbow and said enough is enough.

So I’ve traded in my Doritos for cucumbers and apples. We eat solely at home except on weekends, which has been nice for our budget. We also decided to exercise every day together after work so we could hold each other accountable.

For any of you that have laid off the push ups for awhile and started back, I don’t have to tell you how sore I was at the beginning. It didn’t help that my four year old would exercise next to me and pound out the exercises like it was nothing. I, in turn, looked a little closer to this:

Despite my temptation to make his cookies mysteriously vanish, I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with the whole family getting in better shape. I feel a lot better throughout the day and I’m definitely sharper. A win all the way around!

For those that want to know my exercise regimen, I turned my wife loose on Amazon to pick up some exercise DVD’s. She is a huge Biggest Loser fan, so naturally I found myself exercising to Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred.

Not even joking

I can almost hear many of you laughing uproariously at this point, but I will say, the workouts aren’t bad! I definitely break a sweat every time we do one and the results speak for themselves.

My goal is to lose the next ten pounds to get where I started and then go for another ten to fifteen more. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and feel free to send me Jillian Michaels memes on Twitter periodically for inspiration.

Have a great weekend!


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