Extended Hours 9/2/17

Welcome to this week’s edition of Extended Hours! While the term “Extended Hours” may be an undesirable phrase in the lives of physicians, this series on the TheBossMD should prove to be a much better experience!

Extended Hours is the weekly roundup post published every Saturday here on TheBossMD. As with all of my content, the purpose of this series is to help physicians manage their positions, whether it be personalfinancial, or professional.

These posts are light on my thoughts and heavy on the best content I can find during my travels through social media and the internet. We might even have some fun along the way!

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Personal Position

Wealthy Doc wrote a guest post at Physician on Fire that should be required reading for all medical residents. Doctors are terrible at taking care of themselves, and Wealthy Doc eloquently talks about the value of taking break in his post succinctly titled You Need Rest, Doctor! I preach this to my doctors, and put bluntly, many of you need to read and apply these principles. Book your vacation now!

Apparently Future Proof M.D. is a boxing fan and caught the recent Mayweather-McGregor match. He has learned a little more from what watching the match other than make sure you always demand $100 million to fight someone! In 3 Lessons from Mayweather vs. McGregor, he talks about what you can learn from the match and how it applies to live. I especially like how his second point is to take calculated risks. I’d certainly call getting in the ring with Floyd Mayweather a risk!

How much sleep did you get last night? Don’t lie to me now! Most physicians are sleep deprived and run on empty too much. So I think the article Why You Probably Need More Sleep published earlier this year by Mustard Seed Money is especially applicable. You’d think that physicians shouldn’t have to be told the value of sleep, but I know it’s just not true! Put your computer and go take a nap (well, you can finish reading this first).

Financial Position

I really appreciate Passive Income M.D‘s honesty in his article How to Become Financially Independent Spending More Than $200K Per Year. I feel like many articles on the internet talk about living on bare minimums, and the reality is that many people are not going to go that extreme. Sometimes those expenses are necessary, i.e paying off loans. Just make sure you’re doing it on purpose.

If you want to manage your own money or just better understand investing, then you need to learn from mistakes, not just successes. Wall Street Physician talks about one of the more spectacular Wall Street hedge fund failures in The Dream Team Loses Big: The Fall of Long-Term Capital Management. Watch yourself before considering actively managed funds in the future, so this doesn’t happen to you!

Are you looking to get into real estate investing but have no idea how to decide when to pull the trigger on a property? Well Chad Carson over at Coach Carson has put together a great article to make real estate investment decisions in How to Confidently Buy An Investment Property-My Go, No-Go System. This is a great primer to pricing and financing rental properties, and if you follow the links in the article, you’ll find many more articles that are excellent review of real estate basics.

Want to track your money for free? I use Personal Capital. Check it out!

Professional Position

Productive Physician has really outdone himself this time with his new post entitled Inbox Zero: The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Email. This epic post goes through every possible nuance of email management. Like all things, you need to make email work for you, not the other way around. I know I have trouble staying on top of it myself sometimes. Thanks Productive Physician for your insight!

I usually listen to several podcasts while driving or charting, and I am constantly looking for new stuff. I just discovered The Curbsiders, and I can’t recommend it enough. This a clinical podcast from internal medicine physicians covering clinical topics. I just listened the heart failure episode this past week and gleaned several good pearls from it. Hopefully, I can start getting CME credit for this soon!

Dr. Schloss over at Left To My Own Devices did a great medical charting article entitled Why Healthcare Documentation Is So Bad. He gives a great summary of the history of EHR’s and the many different forces that led our notes to become the gibberish that many of them are now. Definitely recommend you check out the comments for good discussion.

Just For Fun

It’s been a fun week in the BossMD household. I am now down three pounds! Yeah! My body isn’t completely revolting anymore due to my decreased calorie intake, and my exercise is going a little bit better. My son can still show me up, but I think I look a little more decent this week. Here’s some video below that I think looks pretty close:

We have also hit a really big milestone with my second son. We are sleeping through the night! There is no fatigue like the middle of the night feeding fatigue. I tell medical residents that you might be able to stay awake all night in the ICU, but the sound of a baby crying at 4AM will make you flat out depressed when it happens for the tenth week in a row.

As this is our second child, I am predictably more relaxed with this one. I used to wake up at night spontaneously to check on my first child. Definitely not happening this time. My wife and I woke up once the first night my second slept all the way through. It went something like this.

My wife: “Hey, is the baby OK?”

Me (without moving a muscle): “Of course he is.”

My wife (without moving a muscle): “Awesome.”

Yeah, a lot of concern going on here.

I’ve also derived great joy from tricking my oldest into feeding his brother. He was happy to help at first, but the appeal is definitely waning. There are only so many “emergencies” I can fake and ask him to hold the bottle to feed his brother.

I know I must be pushing my limits because I asked him to help me out this week, and he flat out refused. I tried to put on my stern “dad” face and tell him to help me or else. Wouldn’t you know that little sucker stared at me and said,”You’re really lazy, Dad.”

Well son, you’re right….now get over here and hold this bottle. I may be lazy but, at least in this house, I’m still the boss!

Have a great weekend!


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