The Position Paper 9/4/17

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Today’s Position: Personal Position

Featured Article: Modern Day “Needs,” Which Really Aren’t by Money Propeller

My Take

The recent tragedy with Hurricane Harvey has really gotten me thinking about what matters in life. Many folks lost all of their material possessions in the hurricane and subsequent flooding. I think it’s only natural to think about how I would react if that happened to me as I watch all the news coverage.

Today’s article from Money Propeller doesn’t quite have this kind of focus, but it does provide some perspective about modern day things that we, sometimes falsely, consider to be “essential.”

There are several items mentioned, but I was glad to see electronics like phones and computers put on there. I have been “unplugged” a few times in my life on purpose, and honestly, I really enjoyed it. This realization has greatly changed many of my daily habits for the better as I do not consider it essential to have many electronic notifications in my life.

I don’t need to receive every email that comes in exactly when it hits my inbox. I don’t even need to receive every text message or phone call exactly when it occurs. There are plenty of things happening my real life that require my full presence, free from outside distractions. So, I really can’t call a phone “essential” to my life.

In healthcare, I think we often overstate the importance of computers. I secretly love when our computer system goes down, and I am free to just see patients with no computer. I may pay the price when they come back up, and I have to chart everything. But, there is something truly sweet about seeing patients with nothing else around.

So think about the things you consider “essential.” Are they really that necessary for your life? I bet you’ll find that your list of truly essential things is really small. Our lives would probably be a lot better if we spent more of our time there than with computers or phones. Give it a try!

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